COVID Free Certification | CLUB 51


CLUB 51 has implemented new health/sanitation protocols, approved by government authorities.

100% of our partners, guests, collaborators and suppliers are tested with the tests authorized by the WHO, to provide a COVID FREE space in all our facilities.

CLUB 51 uses high security measures through state-of-the-art sanitization products, developed under nanotechnology that guarantee surfaces free of viruses and bacteria for up to 8 hours, with the advantage of being totally friendly to the environment and free of toxins.


Our collaborators take great care of every detail of the service to meet the highest standards of hygiene and health safety.

From the moment you leave your car, the following sanitary measures are implemented in the Valet Parking

Use of antibacterial gel
Placement of protective film on steering wheel and lever
Standard Q brand antigen tests, 100% acceptance by INDRE
QR code control
Thermal imaging cameras
Ozone in elevators

We are especially careful with the sanitization of the Club spaces, as well as with the permanent cleaning and disinfection of the facilities.

Air conditioning system and water sanitized by UV rays
Inputs sanitized by UV rays and food grade sanitizer.
Use of face masks by 100% of service personnel

100% of partners, guests, staff and suppliers are tested for antigens

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